23 vegan leather bags, shoes and jackets to stock up this fall


Sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion industry are still far from perfect, but we are getting there. Recently, brands like Givenchy, Tom Ford, Gucci, Michael Kors and Versace announced that they would incorporate more eco-friendly manufacturing and design elements into their clothing, most often by eliminating or limiting the use. real fur. Many independent labels are also currently working with cruelty-free fur and leather, and others have dedicated themselves to an all-vegan program. As consumers, it is our job to keep the cycle going by being smart buyers and making informed decisions about what we buy and where it comes from. There is no better time than the present to start thinking and putting some extra effort into our wardrobes. Fortunately, this season there are plenty of ways to do it, starting with vegan leather.

When you take stock of fall, check out the brands that make cool faux leather bags, jackets and shoes. While some use tree bark materials, others source from recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly microfibers. Whatever you are in the market right now, remember that there are more than enough chic and ethical alternatives to real cowhides and skins. Here are the most coveted vegan leather shoes, bags and jackets to buy now and drive fashion forward.

Vegan leather jacket

Vegan leather shoes

Vegan leather bags

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