AKIRA Iconic Leather Jacket Replica For Sale



The live-action adaptation of the ’80s anime masterpiece Akira is apparently stuck in development hell forever. So it may be some time before we see an actor don the iconic jacket worn by Kaneda. But why wait for a Hollywood star to wear one in real life? Now you can buy a replica for yourself. The folks at FUNimation will soon be giving away an exclusive limited edition Akira red leather jacket. And it really brings to mind the one seen in the iconic animated film.

Replica of the Akira jacket from Funimation Shop, worn by a male model.

FUNimation Shop

The premium leather jacket arrives at The FUNimation Shop in July, priced at $ 450. Yes, it is quite steep. But if you want the authentic Neo-Tokyo look, you will get the chance. So far, only 300 of these stellar jackets are available in the North American market. Based on original art by Katsuhiro Otomo, this Akira The replica of the jacket features the design work of Carlo Levy, Alessandro Tombetta and Stefan Henzgen. It is not yet known whether wearing it will cause you to shout the name “Tetsuo” loud and clear all the time.

Akira replica jacket worn by a female model.

Akira replica jacket worn by a female model.

FUNimation Shop

Made of genuine leather, the replica jacket features a high quality lining with functional clasps, just like the ones seen in the movie. The jacket is Italian in design, but made in Germany. He adheres to the Akira the original design aesthetic of the manga, while also drawing on the style of the anime. Now if only someone would make a replica of that cool Neo-Tokyo motorcycle to go with it. Just to complete the look. We would like to see this as the ultimate Akira cosplay.

Orders for the jacket arrive July 13, which you can access by clicking here. The Kaneda jacket is just one of the many novelties Akira– thematic merch coming out this year. In the fall, a new limited edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray set arrives.

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