All Saints Leather Jacket Review – How To Find The Right One For You



Like the sartorial equivalent of a fine wine or a particularly potent cheese, a leather jacket is one of the only pieces in your wardrobe that is guaranteed to improve with age. Better yet, if you buy well, it will also retain its value on resale sites like eBay and Depop.

At w & h HQ we have been actively searching, from high end to high end, to find you the best winter coats available right now.

From leather jackets to bespoke trench coats, cozy duffle coats to comfy parkas, we’ve discovered the most coveted and best-selling styles and examined each piece for quality, fit and style.

In this review, the spotlight is on the often imitated All Saints leather jackets. Read on to see if this just might be the heroic piece your wardrobe is missing.

All Saints Leather Jacket Collection Specifications

  • Start price: £ 298
  • Size range: 2-14
  • Sustainable options? Yes
  • Collection size: 10+

SEE NOW: All Saints Leather Jacket Collection

Without a doubt, you can buy a cheaper leather jacket elsewhere, but if you ask for recommendations on where to buy a nice leather jacket, then All Saints will be mentioned a lot.

What is so special about All Saints leather jackets?

Founded in 1994, All Saints knows a thing or two about what makes the perfect leather jacket.

While some brands may only release one or two leather jackets per season, this is All Saints’ specialty. At the time of writing, their website offers 11 different versions of their signature style – and that’s pretty typical.

At a glance, the styles might look quite similar, but a quick play of the difference reveals many variations in length, material and fit. It’s this attention to detail that makes All Saints the go-to place if you’re feeling picky about the little things.

Aside from the quality, there aren’t any real freebies that will help you easily identify an All Saints leather jacket from another brand, but if you take a closer look, the metal zippers are named after the raised mark in the middle.

How much do All Saints leather jackets cost?

An expensive investment, All Saints’ cheapest leather jacket will set you back £ 269. The price goes up to £ 380 for more detailed parts, while one of their sheepskin jackets with leather trim will set you back £ 699.

What are they made of?

As the name suggests, All Saints Leather Jackets are made from high quality leather.

Made in India, the way the leather is obtained and dyed varies from jacket to jacket, depending on the end effect and style desired. The type of leather used also depends on these factors. With lambskin you can expect a softer feel and finer grain than with sheep leather, but it can be more prone to scoring.

All leather is processed before it is turned into your new jacket and the end result is a

fabric that feels deliciously soft and smooth. It’s thick enough that you can feel confident about the quality, but not so heavy that it takes away the characteristic loose fit.

How durable are All Saints leather jackets?

For 2020, All Saints is working with vegetable tannings and chrome-free tanning to move away from the chrome tanning process that dominates the leather industry. Chromium tanning is much faster than vegetable tanning (hence its popularity), but it has been shown to negatively affect both the environment and the workers who carry out the process.

Most All Saints leather jackets are lined with polyester, but some use cotton or viscose. Look for pieces where All Saints worked with recycled polyester, earning them eco-friendly brownie points.

What are the best All Saints leather jackets?

Balfern Leather Biker Jacket

Balfern Leather Biker Jacket

(Image credit: All Saints)

All Saints’ all-round bestseller, the Balfern features classic metal hardware. Leave the waistband loose or tie it up to add extra structure to your shape.

Dalby leather biker jacket

All Saints Dalby Leather Biker Jacket

(Image credit: All Saints)

If you are looking for a classic biker, the Dalby is for you. Not very detailed, it has shiny black snaps on the collar and two power pockets. Made from lambskin, it is fully lined on the body and sleeves for more comfort.

Cargo leather biker jacket

All Saints Cargo Leather Biker Jacket

(Image credit: All Saints)

Bringing vintage vibes to your wardrobe, the Cargo Biker has been purposefully aged for a lived-in feel. It even arrives rolled for a truly unique finish. The padded shoulder panels and zipped cuffs reinforce it even more.

How comfortable is an All Saints leather jacket?

The soft leather and lining make them super comfy from the first time you wear it and the fabric will only give more as you wear it. The metallic details can get in the way a bit, but it does come with the territory of a hardware heavy biker.

Are All Saints Leather Jackets True To Size?

All Saints leather jackets fit true to size, so if you want a little more relaxed, opt for one above your usual size. The sleeves are relatively long compared to other jackets we’ve tried, which can be a problem for the little ones.

How easy is it to maintain your All Saints leather jacket?

As the leather used by All Saints has not been covered with plastic, it is porous and will gladly absorb anything it comes in contact with. Makeup grease, hand cream oil, and perfume alcohol are some of the main culprits for permanent stains.

Rain, moisture, and sunlight can also warp and discolor the fabric.

It is possible to buy water resistant sprays that coat your clothes, but since All Saints does not approve of it, they will not give you a refund if something goes wrong.

If you want to have your jacket cleaned, All Saints recommends that you use a leather specialist or a dry cleaner who can take care of it properly.

To keep your jacket looking like new in the meantime, don’t try to remove marks at home and store it in a breathable dust bag when you’re not wearing it.

That said, the beauty of a leather jacket often lies in the way it ages and the distinctive and unique details that the fabric has picked up as you wear it. If it’s a lived-in look you’re after, then minimal grooming can reward you with maximum impact.



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