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French brothers Ben and G founded Angry Lane in 2012 in Hong Kong, a major Asian metropolis that has been compared to both New York and Chicago.

Ever since they started Angry Lane, Ben and G had wanted to develop their own motorcycle gloves, and in 2021 they were finally able to make it happen after forming an alliance with a California-based glove maker who works with leather from premium quality suede.

Buckskin is one of the best leathers to use when making products like motorcycle gloves because it’s one of the only types of leather that can get wet in the rain but still feels soft when wet. it is again dried. Most leathers become hard and need to be oiled or waxed to regain their suppleness.

Description of the imageThe gloves have additional leather panels in common impact areas, including the contrasting blue leather palm, pinky and thumb.

Each pair of Angry Lane Leather Gloves are made in California from 1.4/1.6mm thick suede leather, they have a short rolled cuff, elasticated closure and reinforced palm, little finger and thumb in contrasting blue leather.

Sizes range from S to XL, there’s a size chart on the Angry Lane website to make sure you get the right size the first time around, and the gloves sell for US$95 each.

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Angry Lane Leather Gloves


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