Dainese launches X-Ride everyday leather gloves



Dainese is well known for its wide range of motorcycle safety equipment covering all disciplines of motorcycle racing. With most of its safety innovations developed from a racing perspective, the company’s street-focused offerings have benefited greatly from the additional safety features born on the racetrack. In this way, the driving gear for the street can remain comfortable without compromising on safety.

Dainese’s latest offering in street riding gear is the X-Ride Leather Gloves. Claimed to offer the protection of a racing glove with the comfort of a glove designed for everyday use, the X-Ride features Ergo-Tek knuckle protection similar to what is found on gloves. MotoGP riders. Dainese states that their new X-Ride gloves “combine maximum protection, thanks to their nylon-carbon plates, with great freedom of movement”.

When designing the X-Ride leather gloves, Dainese took into consideration the most sensitive and fragile part of the hand: the little finger. The glove incorporates a special thermoplastic plate that provides impact, torsion and slip resistance, keeping your fingers full in the event of a spill. Perforated stretch sections have also been incorporated into the design of the glove to provide maximum comfort regardless of hand movement, especially on the back, upper fingers and thumb. In addition, the goatskin material used on these gloves is not only more flexible and comfortable, but also has excellent abrasion resistance.

Dainese launches X-Ride everyday leather gloves

To further add to the ease of use of the glove on a daily basis, the X-Ride features Smart Touch technology inserts at the fingertips. This allows the rider to use their smartphone without having to remove the glove. This is especially useful for those who commute to work on a daily basis or for those who use the motorcycle as a work tool. The Dainese X-Ride leather gloves are PPE certified to KP EN 12594: 2015 level 1 standard, and they are priced at a rather steep $ 179.95 USD. Further information on this new pair of riding gloves can be found on the official Dainese website linked to below.



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