Emu leather shoes and handbags entice visitors to GADVASU pashu mela


As the Guru Angad Dev University Veterinary and Animal Sciences (GADVASU) mela Pashu Palan ended on Saturday, it was the various products made from emu leather that stole the show during the two day event. The university’s livestock products technology department has developed premium, soft and durable leather from emu skin to make it usable. Using emu leather, women’s juttis, handbags, wallets were made.

Speaking to Newsline, Manish Chaitley, head of the department, said: “Until now, the major problem facing farmers was that emu skin was useless. Now, with various refining procedures, we have developed soft and fine leather from emu skin which can be used to make various products. Farmers can sell these wallets, shoes at Rs 700-1000 each as they are completely new to the market. “

He added that emu oil, which was very dark in color and smelly before, has now been refined, making it odorless and white in color. “We are trying to solve the problems these farmers have with emu farming. The storage life of the oil has also been extended by a year, ”he said, adding that it is tough meat and also hard in processing.

Meanwhile, on the topic of healthy eating, GADVASU also got a great response for their meat patties, chicken momos, meat wadi, low cholesterol meat samosa and other low calorie snacks.


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