Hardware Review / REV’IT! Women’s Median Leather Jacket


REV’IT! is slowly launching its 2022 line of riding gear into the wild. We had the chance to test their new Women’s Mid Jacket.

In a word: I appreciate the style of REV’IT!. It’s a nice jacket. The company does not subscribe to the “shrink and pink” philosophy of women’s gear and creates riding gear designed specifically, from the ground up, for the female form. You’ll find pink accents in their lineup, but there aren’t any glaring hearts and florals. This is serious riding gear.

Photo: Kate Murphy

I was a fan

A quick warning: REV’IT! sent me this jacket free for an opinion. However, I was a fan of REV’IT! gear for a long time, and I bought their “X-Vent” pants (now long discontinued) as some of my very first “real” motorcycle gear in 2001, after crashing into some chaps and learning my lesson. Since then I have never not owned at least one piece of their gear, and I never saw a drop in quality. I don’t get paid to be expansive here. This is my experience and my opinion.


That said, the Median Jacket is what I would call sport-casual, and meant neither for long tours nor for the track. It features a soft buffalo leather construction on the front, back and outside of the arms. The inside of the arms and the sides of the jacket are in “PWRShell stretch”. It is a heavy but stretchy polyester which makes the fit of the leather jacket much more dynamic than it would otherwise be. This jacket is comfortable right out of the rack and requires no break-in time.

Weather variability

The jacket comes with a removable thermal liner. This liner has a continuous zipper to attach to the inside of the jacket. The cuffs have buckles and snaps. The cuff links are well-designed, with one feature I’ve seen quickly tearing up the industry and for good reason: color coding. Anyone who has ever fixed their liner sleeves in their jacket and then tried to put it on only to find the cuffs twisted 180 degrees preventing any kind of fit? You know what I’m talking about. This color code prevents this.

Photo: Kate Murphy

This jacket has no vents. I wore it first with and then without its thermal liner for a few cool days (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in New England, a few 70 degree days and a few warmer days. I was comfortable in cold weather even without the liner installed. Anything north of the 70s and you’ll (well, I did) need to keep a steady speed or risk overheating. The “PWRShell” stretch panels are a bit airy but I wouldn’t call it a well-ventilated jacket.

Look and fit

Accent colors and piping on the jacket give it beautiful lines. The fit itself is surprisingly good. The arms are just a little short on me, but I have a “positive monkey index” so I can’t blame them; it should suit a wide range of women.

The jacket has no real adjustment except for small tabs at the waist. The cuffs only have short zippers. That’s not uncommon for a leather jacket, though; if you want a million little adjustment tabs, you’ll have to stick with textiles. He also only has a few tiny little reflective patches on his shoulders. I couldn’t find any others. Not great for nighttime visibility.


A note on pockets. We all want pockets. The main inside pocket of the jacket will perfectly fit a single modern mobile phone. The “secret” pocket, with a zipper that disappears, will be too, if it is a small phone and not a case.

Photo: Kate Murphy

The front pockets, however, can hold about half a phone. I don’t know what you can fit into it. Maybe some paper money, a credit card, and a tube of lipstick, but probably not your earplug. I understand that larger pockets would “destroy the lines” of the jacket (at least that’s what I hear whenever I ask about pockets in women’s clothing). But if you’re looking for a bunch of usable pockets, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Photo: Kate Murphy

Protection and Armor

Included protection includes REV’IT!’s SEESMART CE Level 1 shoulder and elbow protection. The jacket does not come with a back protector, but it does include a pocket for the SEESOFT CE Level 2 back protector from REV’IT!, which I installed, and I barely notice it.

Photo: Kate Murphy

A note about this fitment: these back protectors are sold separately, and you may notice that there is no back protector size chart in the REV’IT! Size chart page. I have this jacket in a size 44, and this jacket specifies a size 3 back protector, for your reference.

The jacket comes with an 8″ zipper (which connects perfectly to my REV’IT! Tornado pants), a full 360 degree zipper, and also a few snap buckles to connect to your belt. You have options for keeping it in place.

I’m chubby, but not so chubby

A final note on editing definitely belongs here. I’m going to blame the pandemic for my more sedentary lifestyle than usual, but I’m currently hovering between women’s size 12 and 14. While I, like everyone else, work to get rid of this newly acquired chub, I remain a little alarmed at being on the absolute top edge of the REV’IT! edit. The company does not make any equipment bigger than what I currently own. You will have understood, it’s me on the photos of this review, in the biggest REV’IT jacket! done, and I’m a little stuffed-sausage in this. Although the company is European, if it wants to be very successful in the US market, it will have to deal with the fact that many US riders are a size 12 or larger. That said, their size chart is correct, and to be believed. Measure yourself carefully before ordering.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do some sit-ups….


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