Helen Flanagan flaunts leather bags but wears PETA t-shirt


She posted a photo of herself in a PETA t-shirt – then posed with leather bags on Twitter

Helen: Avoid Twitter in the future, maybe?

Helen Flanagan has made a few embarrassing public mistakes in the past, and it’s no different today. This morning, she started the day by showing off her new t-shirt – she works with PETA, the animal rights organization – by saying “proud to support PETA”.

But then the former Corrie star posted a photo of herself on Twitter saying, “Gym this morning,” holding two leather bags – a Chanel and a Louis Vuitton.

One of Helen’s Instagram posts today: genius



The real problem here is that while we drag our sweaty sneakers to the gym in an old Sainsbury’s bag, she doesn’t have one but two designer bags.

She also posted a photo of her breakfast – salmon and eggs – and her Instagram followers immediately pointed out that PETA likely wouldn’t approve of it.

Who takes so much to the gym?

When Twitter followers reported her mistake, Helen hit back saying, “I’m sorry but this is ridiculous, leave me alone! I did something for charity – exotic animals are being cruelly killed for the sake of it. the [sic] skins, leather is not! Stop picking on me. Quite.”

But the PETA website stresses that it is anti-leather, saying, “The purchase of leather directly contributes to factory farms and slaughterhouses because skin is the most economically important by-product of the industry. meat. With every pair of leather shoes you buy, you doom an animal to a life of suffering. “

Helen: loves leather, doesn’t really understand PETA’s work



This isn’t Helen’s first mistake online – she had to go on this morning to apologize after tweeting a photo of herself with a gun to her head after the Sandy Hook massacre in America, and there Just days ago, she had to apologize for “liking” a pro-anorexia account on Instagram.

She said: “I’m so sorry if this offended anyone. I’m wearing a size 8-10 at the moment and wanted to go back to a size 8 in time for summer 🙂 that’s it. I’m not pro anorexia. I did. I don’t really realize that people might see my favorite photos and will be more careful in the future. ”

Don’t worry, Helen, you’re not the only celebrity who has to apologize on Twitter. Think of poor old Justin Bieber!


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