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White shoes are the perfect update to any summer outfit – think loafers, Stan Smiths, or patent leather pumps – but whether you wear them for a run around town for an afternoon or sink in. in the grass at an outdoor wedding, they are inevitably going to get dirty. As united as we may feel, none of us are immune to the coffee, dirt, pizza, and wine stains of the real world. But fear of the elements shouldn’t stop you from wearing your #sick white white shoes in public, because there are a lot of ways to clean white leather shoes.

This season, there are countless reasons to invest in white leather shoes. Not only do they make your legs look like additional tanned, they complement everything you already have in your wardrobe. Crisp white sneakers are an easy (and comfy) way to dress up a summer dress, and white heels are a great day-to-night transitional piece. White Birkenstocks, which made a shocking the fashion comeback three years ago apparently never goes out of style.

The moral of the story: don’t be afraid to wear your white shoes, not just before Labor Day, but all year round as well. There are a few simple things you can do to keep them looking new after you take them out of the box.

1. Prevent stains from the start

Stuart Weitzman Leather Care Kit, $ 30, Stuart weitzman

There’s not much you can do to stop a glass of rosé from spilling onto your white leather shoes, but you might as well give it a try. Before wearing a new pair of shoes, spray them with a leather protector to prevent exterior stains from entering the leather.

2. Check them out as soon as you get home

Moccasin For Victory “Tegan”, $ 179, Nordstrom

As with stains on clothing, the sooner you get rid of a stain, the less likely it is to be permanent. As soon as you get home, redo your white shoes once with a damp (not wet! Damp!) Cloth to get rid of any damage you might have caused during everyday wear and tear.

3. Use a magic eraser, Dove soap and a toothbrush

Birkenstock Arizona White, $ 100, Amazon

Yes, it turns out that both of these products can be used to clean things outside of your bathroom. Use the magic eraser to polish the scratches, then take a damp toothbrush covered with dove soap and use it to scrub the shoe in small circular motions. Use paper towels to clean excess moisture from the inside and outside of the shoes.

4. Dry them

Leather mules, $ 119, Zara

If the shoes are wet, stick paper towels on them overnight to absorb the moisture and help the shoes maintain their shape. Avoid using newspapers or magazines as the ink can bleed and stain the shoe, and keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching them an unnatural color.

5. Bleach white laces

Adidas stan smith, $ 80, Amazon

No matter how clean you keep your leather, having dirty laces will ruin your entire look. Remove the white laces from your shoes and place them in a mesh bag and soak them in a solution of one tablespoon of bleach and three gallons of water. Then place the mesh bag in the washing machine and hang it on a clothesline to dry.

6. Use white nail polish to cover the scratches

Purcee, $ 54, Steve madden

Don’t be crazy, but if you have any small scratches or scuffs that won’t come off when cleaning, cover them with white nail polish.

7. Use nail polish remover

Women’s 2750 Superga Trainers, $ 85, Amazon

White nail polish isn’t the only thing you’ll need in your manicure kit – use nail polish remover on a cotton ball to remove dirt from the rubber soles of white sneakers.

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