Jesy Nelson pout in a leather jacket and crop top as she takes a sexy mirror selfie



Jesy Nelson looked stunning as she posed for a mirror selfie wearing a studded biker jacket with a cropped top and bucket hat.

The star received accolades from fans as she took a full-length photo with loose jeans, chunky black boots and a black top that showed her stomach.

She showed off her edgy style with a chain hanging from her jacket and captioned the post: “But I only want a bad boy like my best friend”

Fans took to the comments to praise her look.

One person said “YES style is everything” while another added “A look has been served.”

A third person wrote: “Jesy mirror selfies >>>>>>” and another added: “WOWWWWW fashion Jesy is back.”

Jesy Nelson posted a mirror selfie on her Instagram

The star recently released her first solo single “Boyz” starring Nicki Minaj and an appearance by P. Diddy.

However, she received a backlash for the clip, with some accusing her of moonlighting, which is a form of cultural appropriation.

It also caused a fallout between Jesy and his former Little Mix band mates as Jesy.

The remaining members of the group Little Mix no longer followed Jesy on Instagram at the time, as well as Leigh-Anne Pinnock reportedly message a fan asking her to make a video about Jesy’s alleged blackfashing.

Leigh-Anne reportedly told them to, “Make a video on her as a black fish instead.”

In addition to adding that Jesy was a “horrible person”.

Jesy nelson
Jesy faced a lot of criticism after her solo debut

In response to the backlash, Jesy released a statement that read, “Personally, I mean my intention was never, ever to offend people of color with this video. and my song because like I said, growing up as a young girl, that’s the music I used to listen to.

“These are the videos that I watched and thought were the best. For me personally, 90s / 2000s hip hop, R&B music was the best era in music. I just wanted to celebrate that. I just wanted to celebrate this era of music because that’s what I love. “

Jesy announced that she would be leaving Little Mix last December because she was citing mental health reasons.

Jesy continues her solo career after leaving Little Mix
Jesy continues her solo career after leaving Little Mix

It looks like the other band members and Jesy haven’t talked much since leaving, but Jesy assured fans “there is no bad blood” from her and she still thinks they are. the “sickest” group of girls.

She recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show where she said, “We don’t talk anymore. It’s sad but honestly there is no bad blood on my part, and I still love them in pieces and I love them. sincerely wish all the best.

“I loved spending time with them, and we have the most amazing memories together, but it’s just one of those things that must take time, so who knows. For me, they remain the group of “sickest” girls in the world. “

The star has posted photos from the studio but has yet to announce specific release dates for the music.



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