Marks & Spencer launches range of 350 affordable vegan leather shoes


UK store Marks & Spencer has launched a new line of affordable vegan leather shoes in 350 styles.

The new line, announced on M&S Instagram, features a wide variety of styles, including sneakers, heels, brogues, sandals, derbies and boots for women and men. All vegan shoes will have the same logo as other M&S herbal products.

“Step into spring with new season shoes, including our vegan-friendly women’s and men’s clothing designs, available online and in stores.” wrote M&S.

The shoes are all delivered at an affordable price. A pair of rainbow sneakers costs £ 25 while beige sandals cost £ 19.50. A pair of men’s vegan leather lace-up derby shoes costs £ 25.

“After increased customer interest in veganism and an increase in online searches for related products, we decided to investigate the possibility of expanding our vegan offering to footwear and accessories.” said Rachel Smith, senior footwear technologist at M&S.

The UK is not alone in seeing increased interest in cruelty-free fashion. In recent years, the demand for animal-free alternatives has driven the leather industry to an all-time low. Jocelyn Thorton, senior vice president of creative services at retail and fashion consultancy Doneger Group, said it is primarily young consumers who are driving change. The motivations include concerns about the treatment of animals as well as the environmental impact of the industry.

Cruelty-free footwear is becoming more and more common. Last year, ethical vegan designer Stella McCartney collaborated with Adidas to launch an animal-free leather version of the brand’s iconic Stan Smith shoe. Speaking about how the fashion industry has changed since she launched her brand, McCartney said: “When I started I was ridiculed, really.”

The shoe line isn’t the only cruelty-free fashion item launched by the street retailer. Last December, M&S released a vegan coat in hot pink faux fur.

“During the year we have analyzed our products and gone the extra mile to ensure we offer a large selection that meets all vegan requirements,” she added.

The major launch of the shoes follows the introduction of 60 plant-based meals, snacks and ingredients and an all-new vegan labeling system in stores.

The new vegan shoes from M&S are available for purchase online and in stores.

Image credit: Marks & Spencer

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