Mio Borsa unveils its summer collection of vegan leather bags


Mio Borsa, a New Delhi-based vegan leather bag brand, unveiled its Spring / Summer 2020 handbag collection. This sleek, cruelty-free line is made from Piñatex, an eco-textile made from stems pineapple.

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Mio Borsa founder Palavi Behl believes fashion should focus on holistic trends and integrity. As such, Behl has created a line of cruelty-free vegan leather handbags to show the world what fashion can be without using animal skins of any kind. The line includes a bucket, drawstring, wand box, crossbody and crossbody bags as well as pouches and tote bags.

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Vegan leather is not only eco-friendly, it is very durable and does well. It is also resistant to dirt, which makes it easy to clean. Mio Borsa’s vegan leather is made from a combination of pineapple stem extract and polyurethane, a synthetic resin. Polyurethane is often used as a wood sealer due to its resistance to water, abrasion and stains.

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Mio Borsa bags feature both modern and classic silhouettes, each with a distinctive look. While they are admittedly beautiful, they are also functional and affordable, as the designer hopes to make sustainable fashion more accessible. Each bag comes in multiple colors, so you can choose a favorite or purchase multiple shades to coordinate with your outfits.

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For centuries, fashion has demanded great sacrifices on the part of the animal kingdom. Mink fur, cowhide, snakeskin, alligator skin, the list goes on and on. Now it’s time to step into a new era of fashion: cruelty-free fashion. There are many ways to shop that are both sustainable and stylish at the same time, and Mio Borsa is here to prove it.

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“While leather requires animal skin, faux leather and vegan leather offer alternatives that allow us to look and perform well,” the company said. “And not only is it better for the world, but it’s also better for our closets and wallets: vegan leather is almost always cheaper than real, and can be versatile and suited to all our needs. “

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