Racer Introduces New Short Cuff Leather Gloves For Summer Riding


The German specialist in Racer gloves is best known for its track gloves. Runners by name and by nature, the company’s competition-driven developments also permeate its adventure, dual sport, tourism and street offerings. The brand’s latest road gloves prioritize the safety and protection Racer is known for while providing sufficient ventilation for summer riding.

The new Shooter gloves are inspired by classic military gloves. Of course, the source material influenced the Shooter’s moniker, but the gloves also replicate the utility, dexterity, and protection of their military counterparts. Featuring leather on the top of the hands and goatskin on the palms, the short cuff glove doesn’t sacrifice safety for comfort. TPU knuckle protectors and a reinforced palm patch provide additional impact protection.

Racer’s safety measures are worth the Shooter CE approval, but the brand does not skimp on comfort either. With a spandex material on the back of the hand and the top of the fingers, the road gloves amplify airflow, which is essential for warmer climates. The short cut of the cuffs and the Velcro adjustment strap not only adapt the fit to individual users, but also allow air to circulate in the rider’s jacket.

While you won’t find the Shooters on a racetrack, that doesn’t stop Racer from focusing on performance. The suede insert on the upper palm provides additional grip while the tactile index allows riders to use their smartphones without removing the gloves. External finger seams and a neoprene cuff edge add comfort to the otherwise spartan design.

Available in sizes S-XXXL, the Shooter Gloves cost € 77.94 ($ 92 USD). True to military roots, Racer offers short cuff gloves in black, brown / khaki and coyote / sand. The German brand may be known for its track presence, but the Shooter Gloves prove that Racer can do more than just racing gloves.


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