Senreve Leather Bags Are All Over Instagram – Here’s Why Women Love Them



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Recently I saw a luxury handbag company called Senreve all over my social media feeds.

Every time I saw it, I found myself drawn to the bag’s crisp lines and how it instantly seemed to tighten the wearer’s outfit, whether she’s wearing a flowing weekend dress or a smart casual outfit.

Intrigued by what seemed to be the it bag of stylish women around the world, I decided to find out more about the company that (rightly) believes women can have it all, right down to the handbag. ‘they choose to wear.

The first thing that is clear is that Senreve was designed for the modern woman who demands more of everything in her life, professional and personal, and needs accessories that can keep up. Designed for busy multitasking moving from breakfast meetings to cocktail networking events, Senreve handbags are just the answer.

Whether in food, furniture, or fashion, you can’t fake craftsmanship. All you have to do is smell one of the Senreve bags to find luxury quality and sturdy construction that just isn’t around with similar price marks. Made in Italy by artisans who have worked with top luxury brands for over 50 years, the bags feature a water-resistant, genuine Italian leather exterior and a soft, stain-resistant micro-suede interior. The grained leather is soft and smooth, while being scratch resistant and clearly durable.

While some styles have more color options than others, they are all without a doubt beautiful. You can choose from deep, moody colors like forest, merlot, navy, and black, or go for soft, neutral tones like cream, blush, and sand.

Senreve’s sharp style, quality leather and beautiful color options have earned the adoration of celebrities such as Selma Blair, Priyanka Chopra, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jessica Alba, as well as popular bloggers Chriselle Lim and Rocky Barnes. It is a range of supports as versatile as the bags themselves.

Bags and tote bags range from $ 125 to $ 995, so you’re unlikely to lose money quickly on a whim. But if you’re seriously considering an investment in a handbag for yourself or someone special in your life, a Senreve bag won’t disappoint. You can see the best styles on the site below.

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