The DoT uses branded leather bags as a promotional tool


(CNS): The Department of Tourism has taken another unusual twist in its efforts to promote the Cayman Islands to wealthy travelers, working with a Chicago-based luxury leather bag maker. In a press release on Friday, officials said the department is teaming up with bespoke leather goods brand, Laudi Vidni, on a unique line of destination-inspired colored leathers.

The DoT said Cayman is a “perfect face for this collection” of leather shades that can be used for handbags, wallets and functional travel items.

“As a luxury lifestyle destination synonymous with barefoot elegance, we are thrilled to unveil the ‘Vivid Cayman’ collection in partnership with Laudi Vidni,” said Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands.

“The colors selected for this collaboration truly capture the natural beauty of our scenic destination, including our breathtaking sunsets, exotic wildlife and colorful coral reefs.. We are delighted to offer our customers a stylish piece of Cayman to use in their daily lives.

The promotion of leather bags joins a number of other unusual marketing avenues the department has sponsored recently, such as Porsche racing carsthe London Irish Rugby Clubthe Portsmouth Football Cluband the Cheltenham Cricket Festivalto attract wealthy visitors in the wake of the pandemic.

There was no indication from the DoT of how much was invested in the range of colorful Cayman-inspired leathers, but Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said the destination was favored by fashion-savvy visitors with a penchant for high quality products.

“This partnership between the Cayman Islands and Laudi Vidni represents a perfect blend of the individuality and bespoke style that characterizes both the ‘Vivid Cayman’ collection and the Cayman Islands vacation experience,” he said. declared.

Laura Kofoid, co-founder and CEO of Laudi Vidni, said the leather collection captures “the emotional depth and magical hues that are unique and authentic to Cayman.”

See the ‘Vivid Cayman’ collection here.


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