Top 5 Bella Hadid Leather Jacket Looks

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When it comes to fashion, Bella Hadid goes her own way. She was a leading proponent of restoring ’90s fashion staples like the crop top, Matrix-style micro goggles and denim lining. The supermodel walks the streets of New York in a key garment that she has worn a few times, the leather blazer to usher in spring. Bella donned a sheer turtleneck, fitted jeans and a matching jacket with studded stilettos, but this time with a sheer turtleneck, fitted jeans and a matching jacket. The actress wore a leather jacket that made her look fantastic.

The actress wore an oversized faux leather shirt and loose Fenty jeans, a pink graphic tee, a small handbag and square toe boots for her casual look. She looked amazing in this outfit and nailed it. She was photographed wearing a graphic t-shirt dress, leather jacket, black boots, black handbag and stacked necklaces, and her leather jacket looked stunning. She was pictured leaving the Mercer Hotel in New York City wearing a black leather crop top, matching leggings, PVC shoes and fingerless leather gloves.

While in Paris, Bella wore a fitted magenta patent leather blazer by Georgine, a similar turtleneck, black leggings and knee-high boots, which she cinched at the waist with a gold vintage Chanel chain-link belt from What Goes Around Comes Around, and a similar turtleneck, black pants, and knee-high boots.

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