You’ll need these puncture resistant leather gloves next time you’re working in the garden


Wells Lamont Cowhide Leather Work Gloves ($9.96) from Amazon.


If there’s a lot to do on your DIY list before winter is out, you’ll probably need a pair of durable, dependable work gloves that will protect your hands while you do the tough stuff (splinters, pointed).

Wells Lamont Cowhide Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Cowhide Work Gloves


Wells Lamont has been making gloves for over 100 years, so it’s safe to say that the company knows what it’s doing when it comes to the art of gloving. Use them for DIY in the garage, carpentry or gardening – these gloves are made for virtually any project, from welding and demolition to household projects and ranching. (You remember what happened in “The Power of the Dog”, don’t you?)

Made from 100% grain cowhide leather, these gloves are built to last with reinforced palms, and the grain cowhide leather has great resistance to abrasion and puncture, making the material perfect for tailoring work gloves. It also means that it should be a purchase that will also last you for years and years.

This particular pair is also designed for comfort and safety, with details like an easy-grip wrist strap that secures the opening of your glove to protect you from dirt and debris while you work. They’re also sewn with a cut and seam that aligns with how your hand would naturally rest or work, so there’s no uncomfortable chafing or abrasion. With three sizes to choose from (small, medium and large), you can select the fit that’s right for you.

Grab a pair from Amazon today.


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